Movement and Form


For movement and form, I draw inspiration from high-contrast, abstract expressionist paintings. I am intrigued by the energy that painters, like Franz Kline and others were able to convey in simple, yet powerful ways. There is vitality and humanity in these works that literally move me to create. My goal as a choreographer is to bring that sense of energy and effort to my work with gestural, sweeping, rhythmic movements and diverse subject matter. 

I am an observer and appreciator of the natural world, and another side of my work is an interest in sculpting  statuesque forms in the human body that resemble asymmetry in plant life. In my own research and practice I have found a wonderfully meditative process in the recreation of these forms, and desire to share that beauty with audiences. 

Since 2013 I have created works for Richmond Ballet I & II, Wylliams/Henry CDC and Company E. In addition to those projects, I collaborate with Vanessa Owen to produce contemporary dance works for our project-oriented company, Stewart/Owen Dance

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Check out the work I create with Stewart/Owen Dance. Music, dance, and video!

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Stewart/Owen Dance, 2019

Produced in collaboration with Vanessa Owen. 

Dancer: Vanessa Owen

Original music by Gavin Stewart

Voice Over:  Anonymous

Sandpiper (Work In Progress)

Stewart/Owen Dance, 2018

Produced in collaboration with Vanessa Owen

Dancers: Ciera Budge, Bekah Downing, Jeff Ewing, Omar Roman de Jesus, Kate Rouzer, Jake Stainback

Original music by Gavin Stewart


Stewart/Owen Dance, 2017

Produced in collaboration with Vanessa Owen. 

Dancers: Vanessa Owen and Gavin Stewart

Music by Gavin Bryars

She + I

Wylliams/Henry CDC, 2017

Dancers: Caroline Dahm and Kaylin Horgan

Original music by Gavin Stewart

Happy Hour

Stewart/Owen Dance, 2014. 

Dancers: Elena Bello, Annelille Gavino, Anna Jane Glascock, Ross Honaker, Jerami Kipp

Music by Dave Brubeck. 

Shadows on the Inside

Richmond Ballet, 2014

Dancers: Trevor Davis, Matthew Frain, Thomas Garrett, Abi Goldstien, Shira Lanyi, Thomas Ragland, Maggie Small

Music by Don Cherry