Dance & Choreography

Available for auditions and bookings!

Dance & Choreography

Available for auditions and bookings!


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Dance Talk

"If you can find a catharsis in every movement ... you're doing it right."

I discuss my relationship to life and art with photographer David Pugh in his latest edition of You, the Creator

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About Me

Lifetime Dedicated to Dance


Dance was all around me growing up in Tulsa, OK,  but I began my pursuit of a dance career in my teens. After high school, I moved to Kansas City to study Ballet and Modern dance at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. Once there, I immersed myself in concert dance and started working as a freelance dancer with Owen/Cox Dance Group and Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company in 2008/2009. After graduating UMKC with a BFA in Dance Performance, I joined Richmond Ballet II where I danced and choreographed for two years before I decided to relocate to Washington DC with my now fiancee to pursue contemporary dance and cultural diplomacy.  There I worked with Company E for three more years as a dancer, instructor, and eventually, Composer-In-Residence. Our work took us to Kazakhstan, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Russia, Cuba, Israel, Palestine, Azerbaijan, and Uruguay.  These tours awakened a desire in me to serve and share art with others abroad, and just as importantly, at home. In 2017, my fiancee and I relocated to Western North Carolina where I now live, work, and create. 

Available for Projects

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I dance on stage,  screen, and anywhere between. I am also available to choreograph and rehearsal direct. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills.

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Current Projects


Since 2017, I have been collaborating with dancer/choreographer, Vanessa Owen, to produce collaborative, contemporary dance works. As a part of our collaboration I produce  original music to accompany the  choreography . To hear more of what Vanessa and I are up to, subscribe to  our email list through our website and follow us on social media.

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Original Music

Driven by Dance

Music created specifically with dance in mind. 

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Questions? Interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gavin Stewart